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There are a few times when I’ve watched or read a great story and wondered what would happen if…? I’ve had many requests to write fan fiction, and that’s how I got started on this road. I love anime and manga! I do not hesitate to admit I am a total geek. I very much admire the original authors, artists, etc. that are connected to these stories. I do not own anything belonging to any of the worlds or stories below, my imagination simply loves to come up with cute little scenarios once the stories are finished. While I no longer take requests, I hope you will enjoy the selections I have below. Or you can find my published Fan Fictions at:


From The Anime Hetalia

Beaches and Boardwalks:

                     An America Romance 


“Come on, baby, you know you want one.” The drunk, overbearing guy swung two beers in front of my face.

His friend appeared on my other side, pinning me against the Food Hut’s wall. His eyes slid up and down my form, making my skin crawl. “You’re so hot that I know you need to cool down.”

I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest. “You’re pick-up lines suck, and for the last time, leave me alone. I’ve already told you I’m not interested.” Once again my eyes darted around their shoulders, searching for my absent friends. Where are they?

“Excuse me? Do you need a hero?” A tall, glasses-wearing, blond guy asked from behind them.

The jerk with the beers swung his arm around my shoulders and pulled me against his sweaty side. “Stay out of this, four-eyes. She’s ours.”

I winced and tried to push him away. “I said leave me alone.”

The blond fella took a step forward. “It doesn’t seem like she’s all that interested. Maybe sleazy drunks aren’t her style? I suggest you go find someone else.”

“Yes,” I said quickly, but he shoved me back against the wall, hard. I let out a little yelp as my skin scraped against the rough surface. His friend grabbed my arm in a bruising grasp, holding me in place.

As the beer toting drunk advanced on my would-be hero, he chuckled. “I’m gonna enjoy pounding your face into the sand, loser.”

“I wouldn’t suggest getting much closer, bro.” The nice guy held his ground. “It might be hazardous to your health.”

“Hah. Let’s put that to the test.”

The good-guy shrugged helplessly. “If you say so…” He looked to his right and down. “They’re all yours, Tony.”

My brow drew together as my eyes fell on a little grey creature decked out in swim shorts. Is that a child cosplaying as an alien?

The guy with the alien looked straight at me. “You might want to close your eyes, pretty lady. This might get a little messy.”

I questioned what he and a child cosplayer could do, but his overwhelming confidence told me not to underestimate him. Then the little grey man moved closer.

I closed my eyes.

Screams filled with expletives rang out one moment, then silence fell the next.

“Dude that was brutal. You can open your eyes now.”

I peeked out to see the two men and the alien had completely vanished. My rescuer stood, with his hand out. “My name is Alfred F. Jones. It’s nice to meet you.”

I slowly held my hand out, and his huge grasp swallowed mine. Between his goofy smile and his cheeseburger swim shorts, I couldn’t fathom him being anything but innocent. Who would have known he has such a dangerous side? “Thank you. You are my hero. Those guys just wouldn’t listen no matter what I said.”

His smile widened. “I aim to please. Just consider me your personal savior for the day!”

I smiled and looked around.

Alfred followed my gaze. “Are you looking for someone? A boyfriend, maybe?”

I laughed. “Me, a boyfriend? No, I’m waiting for my friends. But they’re very late, so I’ve been sitting here by myself.  I think that’s why those guys decided to pick on me…”

His eyes widened. “Well, why don’t you hang out with your hero until your friends arrive? Tony will be gone for a while, so I’m alone, too.”

How could I say no? “Sure. But I was going to get in line for some lunch. Do you want anything? My treat, for saving me.”

“I can’t accept payment for saving you. That kinda takes away from the whole hero thing.” We walked around to the front and got in line. “But I will get my own cheeseburger.”

After we ordered, the waitress told us she would bring us our food. We wandered down the boardwalk, and Alfred won me a giant teddy bear with one throw of a baseball at three milk jugs.

“So, you’re pretty impressive with a baseball, huh?” I said, as we made our way down to the beach.

“Of course! It’s an All-American classic sport!”

I chuckled as I pressed my cheek into my giant fuzzy bear. “Should I just call you Mr. America, then?”

He flashed a smile and gave a big thumbs up. “You got it.”

Just then my foot came down, but only air met my heel. Where did the ground go? I thought, as I tipped into a giant hole on the beach.

“Whoa! I got you!” Alfred grabbed me by the wrist, pulling me from the edge easily.

In my unbalance, I fell against his chest, gripping his broad muscular shoulders to steady myself. As I panted from the scare, I breathed him in. His ocean-breeze scent mixed with citrus made me suddenly want to lick him like a popsicle. Instead, I jumped back, heat rising in my cheeks at my sudden reaction to him.

His finger grazed my chin in a playful manner. “You okay, dudette?”

“Um, yeah. Except I feel like a klutz.” I glanced over my shoulder and took in the huge hole. “What idiot would dig a hole in the middle of the beach?”

“This idiot.” He pointed to himself. “Tony was going to bury me in the sand.” He motioned to the umbrella and two towels on the other side of us.

I smacked myself in the forehead. Great, I just insulted the man who’s saved me twice today. “Guess you should bury me in the sand for that comment, huh?”

“I would,” he smiled widely. “But, I don’t know what your friends look like. And if you’re down there you won’t be able to keep an eye out for them.”

“Oh, yeah…”

He grabbed a shovel and pail from beside the towels. “Instead, I challenge you to bury me in less than fifteen minutes. Do you accept this mission?”

“Yes, sir!” I gave him a salute, and he lowered himself into the hole. As I started shoveling the sand over his muscular legs and torso, my inner voice ranted— But I don’t want to cover up all that goodness!

“Too slow,” he chided. “Come on, give me your best doggy dig.”

My brows rose. “Oh, you asked for it!” I turned my tail around and flung sand at him from between my legs. When he started sputtering from my poor aim, I turned back around to see him spitting sand. “Told ya!”

“Yeah? How about your bulldozer? Any good?”

I got on my hands and knees and pushed the sand in a bulldozer-like way as he provided the sound effects.

“Now try the foot push!” He challenged.

I plopped down and started pushing sand in with my feet. We went on this way until he was neck- deep. Just as I was patting down my final touches, the waitress arrived.

“One cheeseburger basket and one fish and chips for Mr. America.” She handed them to me, and I thought Alfred might jump out of his prison.

“Oh? You hungry?” I set the food down and picked up the cheeseburger. Holding it in both hands I waved it over his head.

“Yes! I’m starving. I always have room for burgers and fries!” Just as he fought to get out of the sand, a huge dollop of ketchup dripped in his hair and over his glasses.

I quickly put the burger back in the basket with its fries. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!”

He only smiled as he pulled himself out of the hole. “It’s okay, pretty lady. That just means it’s time for a dip in the ocean!” He went to grab the cheeseburger for a quick bite, but frowned at his sand coated hands.

“Want me to help?” I smiled as I held the sandwich up for him. The drop of ketchup on his glasses slid onto his cheek, and I held back a giggle.

He propped his glasses up on his head with a wink. “Thanks!” He held his hand against mine, and brought the food to his mouth. “Mmm.” He ate as if he’d been deprived of food his whole life.

He took another bite, this time his lips brushed my thumb. In an instant, all the hairs on my arm stood up, despite the heat. I’d never fed anyone before, and Alfred seemed incredibly desirable as I watched him. His lips graced each of my fingers with their hungry touch, causing my breath to pick up. Too quickly, he finished the last bite and exposed a splotch of ketchup and mustard on my palm.

“Looks like my hand and your head match.” I tugged at my hand, trying to avoid his gaze until my cheeks stopped burning. “Come on. Let’s go wash up in the water.”

But he held my hand fast. With a devious glint to his eye, he leaned forward. “But I always lick the wrapper…”

Before I had a chance to realize I was the wrapper, his tongue darted across my palm. My toes curled as his warm breath washed over my fingers. The long, slow lick from his mouth made every bone in my body turn to jelly.

And I loved it.

His eyes locked onto mine just as he finished the sweet torture, and he smiled. Whatever he saw in my eyes he must have liked, because the next moment he swung me up in his arms and ran for the surf. I squealed as he dove, taking me under with him. As we surfaced, he dipped his head again, scrubbing his ketchup laden hair.

“Did I get it all?”

“Nope,” I giggled as I pointed to the patch of red.

Alfred’s eyes looked up as he scrubbed. “I can’t see where. Can you help me?”

“Sure.” I stepped forward, rising and falling with the waves. He ducked again, and I hesitantly ran my fingers though his sandy locks. He has such amazing hair… But when I saw it had come clean, I released him and he resurfaced. “There all clean.” As I stared at his wide smile, I realized something wasn’t quite right. Then it hit me… “Um, Alfred. Where are your glasses?”

He blinked twice and patted the top of his head. “Oh, no. I’m as blind as a bat without them.” He began looking around wildly. “Can you help me find them?”

“Yes, of course!” I glanced into the water and turned around, searching. A sudden pain stabbed the bottom of my foot as I felt two arms wrap around my toes. “Oh, ow, ow! Alfred, something’s got me. I think it’s a crab. Jeeze it hurts!” I lifted my foot, but he quickly stopped me.

“If you do anything to aggravate a crab, it will only pinch you harder. Just stay still, and I’ll get it off of you. Okay?” He put his hands on my shoulders and made eye contact.

Biting my lip from the searing pain, I nodded.

Alfred dove under, and I could feel his gentle touch along my calf. He carefully brought my foot up and removed the arms from around my toes. But the pain remained.

His head popped up, and he flashed me a worried smile. “Do you want the good news or the bad?”

“Good,” I said, wincing.

“Okay. It’s not a crab.” He lifted his hand from the surf, holding a bent and broken pair of eyewear. “And you found my glasses. But a piece of glass is stuck in your foot.”

I gulped. “Is it a big piece of glass? Do you think I’ll need stitches?”

“No, it’s pretty small. So, here’s what we’re going to do. My house isn’t far from here. It’s right on the beach. I’m going to take you there, remove the glass, and get you all wrapped up.”

I didn’t really want to drive with a shard of glass in my foot, and Alfred seemed like he really did just want to help. “Okay…”

He nodded and lifted me as if I were a feather. With my hands locked around his neck, he carried me up the beach to a quiet little cove. Houses dotted the shore, and he turned toward the steps of the grandest one of them all.

“This isn’t your place, is it?” I gaped at the classic exterior.

“Sure is.” He let himself in, and lay me on the plush forest-green couch. “Wait here. I’ll be right back with the first aid kit.”

I nodded and propped my foot up with one of his fancy throw pillows. But beside me on the table I noticed his phone. “Um, Alfred, is it okay if I call my friends and tell them I’m not on the beach right now?”

“Sure,” he answered from upstairs.

I dialed and waited until the line picked up. “Hey, it’s me. Where are you guys? I’ve been waiting for you for hours.”

“You didn’t get the message? We decided to change beaches. There’s a men’s volleyball tournament at the south end. You should get over here and scope out the hotties!”

The cheering in the background roared over her last few words. “Actually, you guys have fun. I’ve got my own.”

“You what? Spill!”

I sighed and glanced around. Alfred hadn’t come back down, yet. “These two guys wouldn’t leave me alone and Alfred saved me from them. Then he caught me before I fell in a hole, and now I have a piece of glass in my foot. I’m at his house, and he’s gonna bandage me up. He’s totally my hero.”

She didn’t respond at first. “Dude, sounds to me like you’re a walking train wreck today. If you can pull a date out of that mess, then kudos to you. Let me know what happens!” And she hung up.

My heart sank. What if she was right? Didn’t men these days like strong women who didn’t attract sleazy men, deep holes and blades of glass like a magnet? The day was only half over. What could happen next?

“Watch me catch his house on fire…” I mumbled.

“What was that?” Alfred appeared next to me, wearing a smile and dry clothes. I gasped when I realized I was making a water stain on his gorgeous furniture.

“Oh my gosh, I’m dripping all over your couch!” I sat up and hopped to one foot. “My friend was right, I’m a train wreck today!”

“Whoa.” He set the medical supplies down and placed a hand on either shoulder of mine. “Calm down. It’s no biggie.” He gently nudged me back onto the couch, handing me a towel to wrap around myself. “There. Better?”

I sniffled, biting back the tears. “You’ve done nothing but be the most amazing guy, and I just keep screwing up. I’m so sorry if I’ve ruined your day.”

He sat at the other end of the couch, propping my leg on his lap. “I need you to do me a favor. Can you spell Giraffe for me?”

I blinked. “What?”

He smiled at me. “Spell Giraffe.”

“Um, G, I, R—”

“Got it!” Alfred held up a set of tweezers with a piece of glass between them.

I breathed deep. “That was amazing. I didn’t feel a thing.”

He winked. “Who’s your hero?”

I flashed a little smile. “You are.”

He dropped the glass and tweezers in a bowl and disinfected the cut. “And does it look like I dislike being a hero?”

Shrugging, I laid back as he held a piece of gauze to my foot. “I guess not.”

“That’s right!” He then stuck a large Band-Aid over the injury and wrapped my whole foot with a stretchy material. “You’ve made me your personal hero three times today. I can’t get over how perfect you are for me.”

“What?” My eyes widened.

“I live to be the hero, and you just naturally need saving.”

“Yeah,” I said dryly. “I’m the perpetual damsel in distress.”

“And you’re beautiful, and silly and brave. You really stood up to those creeps on the beach, and you didn’t panic when you thought a crab had ahold of you. You’re amazing!”

“Really? You think so?” I stared at him, apprehensive. Was he messing with me?

His brows rose. “You still have a frown. What, you don’t believe me?”

I shrugged. And that’s when he attacked me. His fingers tickled my sides as I giggled and tried to squirm away.

“I won’t stop until you agree I’m right. You are amazing.” His hands went to my armpits, my knees and my sides again. The man really knew how to tickle someone!

When I could no longer breathe, I admitted defeat. “Okay! Okay! You’re right!”

His body shifted to straddle my hips. “I’m right about what?”

His weight, and warmth, and hands made me want to surrender to him. I didn’t want him to stop.

But, I needed to breathe.

“I’m amazing.” I heaved, laughing so hard my sides hurt.

He paused then, a huge smile lighting up his face. “There. That’s much better. I like my girls to be happy. Don’t doubt yourself.”

“You’re girls?” I cocked my head. “How many girls do you have, Mr. America?”

His body still hovered over mine, his arms caging me in. But those muscular shoulders shrugged, and he motioned for me to lean closer.

I lifted my head until he dipped his mouth near my ear. He whispered “I don’t have any girls. No body fits the quota. Except you.”

Cheeks burning, I turned my head to gaze into his sky-blue eyes. They said he was telling the truth. So did his kiss, as he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine.



Attic Adventure: A Spain Romance

Antonio lay spread out on a bench on the porch of the hacienda, barefoot, gulping ice water. Beads of sweat glistened across his forehead and upper lip while his shirt clung to his torso. With a great sigh, he set his head back down and closed his eyes.

I gulped. This Spanish hunk was my new roommate as I visited his country for the summer. I was supposed to be checking out the countryside, not him.

“Is that you watching me, chica?” His emerald eyes peeked through his dark lashes before closing again.

His words made me feel like a voyeur. Well, maybe I was at the moment… I’d have to stop that.

“I was just looking for a fan or something to cool down. Do you have any around the house?”

“I usually just take a cold shower…” His lips curled slowly, as if daring me to imagine him under a spray of cool water…which I was.

I cleared my throat. “Uh, I’m just not used to the heat here, yet. And I just got out of the shower. I’m not ready for another one…” Unless he kept cracking sensual comments like that.

“Ah. Well, I’m not sure. Perhaps you should look around. I think I have one hidden somewhere.” He tugged up his shirt, revealing the taunt muscles there, as he scratched his belly.

Danger, danger! Time to walk away now. My breath sped up as I forced my gaze away. He chuckled at my response. He was so doing this on purpose. I needed that fan more than ever, now.

Pursing my lips at my reaction to him, I walked back into the house. Searching from room to room I took in the beautiful tile work and furniture. I could stay here forever. The people were friendly, the land was beautiful, and the cities were filled with excitement.

As I continued exploring, I came to a locked room. I sighed. I’d seen no sign of the fan. It was probably behind this mysterious door. On a whim, I went back to the study to grab Antonio’s keys. After trying several, one old key slipped in and turned.


I stumbled into the cool, dark stairwell, and peered up. It rounded upwards into a spiral, and my curiosity got the better of me. I held the banister as I crept up one step at a time. “At least it’s cool in here,” I mumbled as I ascended into a large open room, filled with random objects.

Hesitantly, I moved forward, inspecting the boxes and large white sheets covering questionable objects. Then, my eyes beheld the treasure I’d been after. An oscillating, three-speed floor fan!

As I grabbed for it, the plug got caught on a strip of black material hanging out of an ancient looking trunk. I grabbed the silky black fabric and pulled. “Huh?” I held it up. “A bowtie?”

Somebody behind me cleared their throat… a masculine somebody.

I froze.

I turned to find Antonio smiling. “I uh… found the fan.” I nudged it with my toe.

“I see you’ve found my trunk of favorite outfits as well.”

“Favorite outfits?” I studied the black silk bowtie. “Does that mean you have a fancy tuxedo stuffed in that box?”

“No,” he grinned. “What you’re holding is the entire costume.”

I stared at the unoffending object in my hand as my mind filled in the corresponding picture of him and the rather “incomplete costume.”

He chuckled low. “My, your face is so red. Are you that warm?” He waved his hand at me, causing a slight breeze. I still stared at the tie as he pulled it from my grasp. “Let’s see what else is in there.” He popped open the trunk and bright fabrics gleamed back at me.

“Is that a pirate hat?” I squinted in the low light, and held it reverently in my hands.

“Si, from my naughty days.” He pulled out a deep red pirate coat with a flourish, swinging it around his shoulders.

“Oh, cool! It’s so authentic…” I marveled at the stitching, the buttons, and trim. My fingers ran along the cuff of the arm, admiring and full of awe.

Antonio cocked his head. “Would you like me to try it on?”

Pressing my lips to hide a giddy smile, I nodded.

His brows arched as he reached around me and grabbed a pair of boots, leather pants, and white shirt. He slipped back behind a huge object covered in a sheet nearby.

“So…” Better to talk than let my mind wonder about what was going on behind the sheet. “Has it been a while since you’ve been up here?”

“Years at least,” he called. He flung his shirt and vest to the side, followed by his jeans.

“Uh, so what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Must not look. I quickly turned and tried to guess what was under a nearby sheet when he answered.

“It’ll be siesta soon. Then a walk in the tomato fields and dinner.” The rustle of clothes filled my ears. “You know how to cook, chica? You could make dinner with me.”

“That sounds fun—” My jaw dropped as he strode around the white sheet, all decked out in pirate hotness. His hands pinned on a large ruby broach over his cravat, holding it in place.

My gulp practically echoed in the quiet space.

He propped his foot up and did a Captain Morgan pose. “It is nice, no?”

Drawn to him like a magnet, I stepped forward. “It’s almost perfect, except for… the hat.” I reached up and perched it like a cherry on top of a sundae.

He adjusted it, and then turned to look at me. His eyes narrowed, as the edges of his soft lips hardened. He looked almost… aggressive. Possessive. Pirate-like.

I tried not to drool. “You slipped into character very well.”

His brow arced. “It wasn’t always an act. At one point I could be vicious. Guess it is still a part of me.” He took my hand, slowly, and kissed it. “I would have taken you as a prize.”

My body trembled at the menace in his voice. He’s serious. My imagination saw him boarding my ship and sweeping me into his arms, giving me no choice. He’d take me to his cabin and present me with the spoils of his incursions. Then he’d sail to every corner of the world with me by his side… “I wonder, can I try something real fast?”

He shrugged and I took that for a yes.  I leaned in to adjust the hat lower over his eyes. I thought he might look even more sexy and villainous. But as I pulled back to take a look, my hair snagged on the broach at his neck.

“Oh!” I tugged at the strands, but they wouldn’t come loose. “Um, I think I’m stuck.”

He laughed wickedly as his hands pressed me to his chest. “Seems parts of you are rather attached to this outfit.” His spicy scent engulfed me, reminding me just how desirable every aspect of him was. He tugged at the snagged lock, but it refused to budge. After long moments of listening to his powerful heartbeat, he declared it was so tangled he couldn’t even undo the broach. “Señorita, I cannot free you from this angle. I must remove my shirt.”

Internally, I struggled with a nervous giggle. Outside, I could only watch as his coat slipped from his arms, and his fingers tugged at the base of his billowy shirt. A moment later I was free from his body, but his shirt sat inside out over my head.

The next thing I knew, he turned it right side out and worked the broach free. “Are you hurt, chica?” he said while stroking my hair. His naked torso gleamed in the low light, so very close to me. I had glimpsed his stomach earlier, but I had no idea what “washboard abs” meant until now. The shadows played off of each ripple and line, highlighting his expansive chest and impressive biceps.

“N..No. I’m okay.”

He leaned in and I thought he might kiss me, but instead he reached around me again. “I think I’ll try this on next.” My mind sputtered at my idiocy. He set his pirate hat on my head as he pulled an elaborate gold-stitched jacket from the trunk.

I licked my lips greedily as he slipped on the matador’s jacket. Then he pulled a crimson cape from the trunk. With a half-smile, he stood back and posed. His broad, golden chest peeked out from under the jacket. The muscles of his stomach surged and bunched as he shook the cape to the side, taunting and teasing me.

He lowered his chin and voice as he spoke. “This is the outfit of seduction.”

There were no eloquent words left in my vocabulary at the moment. But I did manage a- “Huh?”

He waved the cape to his other side, and bowed his back slightly. The movement made the muscles of his thighs bulge under the leather pants. “These clothes are made to seduce both bulls and women. Often times I could not keep either at bay.” His gaze raked me from head to toe. “But you are one of strong will. Do you not want to come at me?”

Uh, yeah… Slowly, without thinking, I gravitated forward.

“That a girl.” He swung the cape over me and spun. As we switched places he dipped his hand into the trunk and pulled out an elegant, ruffle layered gown. “Now it’s your turn.”

My mind snapped back to the present. “What?”

“I want you to try this on.” He unzipped the back and held it out for me.

“What are you doing with a woman’s gown in your clothing?”

He put it in my hands, and nudged me toward the area where he had changed a moment ago. “No questions.”

I sighed and ducked behind the sheet, musing the many reasons he might have women’s clothing in his trunk.  After tossing my clothes to the side to mingle with is, I hesitantly stepped out. “I need help with the zipper.”

He hung the cape over one shoulder and stalked forward. With a gentle hand, he held my hair up, baring my neck. And with the other, he tugged the zipper closed.

“There. Now you are ready.” As I turned around, his eyes hungrily devoured my petite form.

“For what?” I wasn’t sure if it was the dress, or the way he was looking at me, but a daring confidence filled my body. My shoulders lowered as my chin raised to meet his gaze.

He took one large step forward, until his body stood only an inch away from mine. “For the Paso Doble. It is the dance of the Matador. And you are the perfect señorita.”

“I am?”

“Si.” He took my hands and held them up in a stiff frame. His hips slid forward to make contact with mine and my heart beat fluttered at the contact. Without a word his strong arms led me in a circle. After showing me a few basic steps he pulled the cape from his shoulder. “Now we will try it with the cape.”

I nodded, and watched him twirl it with grace around his taunt, masculine form.

“Now weave though my movements.”

I spun with him. He stomped twice. I followed, and we spun again.

“I am the hunter and you are my prey. We will dance to the death until only one is left standing.”

He seemed to be flirting. I couldn’t help but tease back. “Does that mean you are trying to conquer me?”

His eyes flashed as his brows peaked. “Si.”

Just then, as we danced closer, I turned one way, thinking he would turn the other. But he didn’t. And Antonio’s nose cracked against my raised elbow.

He immediately stopped and pinched the bridge of his nose. I rushed to him, only to see the blood trailing down his lip. “Oh my gosh! I am so sorry, Antonio. What can I do to help?”

He smiled then, and let go of his bruised nose. “Calm, chica. Calm.” He put his hands in front of him and spread them out with a soothing- “Fusosososo. Fusosososo…”

What on earth is he doing? Strangely, I started to feel better. I took a deep breath. “Okay. How about I get you a towel? You’re bleeding all over yourself.”

“Of course.” He pinched his nose again. “I’ll just clean up a bit.”

I rushed to the bathroom and wet a hand towel. Once I returned, he’d removed the Matador jacket and reclined against the wall on top of our discarded clothes. He took the towel and began to mop his blood-stained skin. “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

He nodded. “Some ice would be good.”

“Of course! I’ll be right back.” I rushed downstairs again, and rummaged through the kitchen. After wrapping some ice in another towel I jogged back up to the attic. By the time I knelt by his side I noticed he’d wiped his body clean of the blood. But, his eyes were closed.

“Antonio? I brought you the ice…” But he didn’t respond. I shook his shoulder. “Antonio?”

He slumped to the floor in response. He was out cold.

My blood chilled. “What have I done?” He could have too much blood loss, or worse, a concussion… I needed to take him to a hospital, but he was too big. I could never lift him.

I needed help.

Digging through the clothes beneath him, I yanked out his pants and searched the pockets. Pulling out his cellphone, I found the emergency contact listed at the top. Only one name stared back at me under the heading; Romano.

I had no idea who Romano was, but Antonio knew him, so I had to give it a shot. I pushed dial, and waited for the answer.

“What the hell do you want, Spain? I was sleeping.”

The slurred, ornery voice caused me to sputter. “I, uh. Um… I’m Antonio’s new roommate. He was teaching me how to dance and I elbowed him in the face on accident. I gave him a bloody nose, and now he’s passed out on the floor. I think I may have given him a concussion…”

Silence filled the other end of the line. “Are you still there?”

He groaned. “It’s the middle of the day, do you know what that means?”

“Uh, no…” What did the time of day matter?

“Forget it. I’m sure if you just give him some mouth-to-mouth he’ll come back around.” I heard a click and the line went dead. That’s right! I didn’t even check to see if he was breathing!

Immediately I dropped the phone and leaned in to his face. CPR could save him… But as my lips neared his, I felt his warm breath on my mouth.

He was breathing…

Just then, his eyes fluttered open as his arm swung around pinning me to his chest. He muttered a string of Spanish words before leaning in to me. His lips locked onto mine as I let out a short squeak. But his kiss drew me in, my body melted against his chest, and the ruffles of the dress spilled around us. My hands slipped around his head of thick locks, and pressed him closer. He deepened the kiss as I breathed him in. After a moment he rolled us to the side, still pressing me to his chest. But, his eyes didn’t open.

I stared at the beautiful, hard lines of his face and waited. “Antonio? You’re okay?” …Still no answer. He’d fallen asleep? All this time he was just sleeping?

My body jumped as a Spanish tune played from beside me. I breathed a deep sigh when I realized it was his cell phone. I tried to turn to grab it, But Antonio’s arms held me tighter. “No, stay señorita…”

My cheeks warmed at his drowsy words. “I will…”

As he snuggled closer, the phone played the quick tone again.” My fingers felt along the wood paneling until they curled around his phone. I clicked it on and read, “Two new text messages from Romano.”

Maybe those were for me? I opened the text window and read the messages. “Did you give him mouth-to mouth? Nothing short of a kiss or a kick to the head will wake him.” And then… “Happy siesta.”


Rubies and Sunshine

A Russia Romance


Blood splattered sunflowers rustled around the bodies in the field. The camera fell from my hands, swinging on the strap around my neck. I’d come on assignment to take pictures of the Russian sunflowers for a local magazine, but the horror before me caused my feet to stumble.

Trembling, I approached each body, clad in dark military uniforms. All of them mercilessly slaughtered. Finally, I came to one man at the edge of the field wearing a long tan coat, hidden behind the broken stalks of flowers. His violet eyes cracked open to lock on me.

I froze, my heart thundering. “You’re alive?”

“I’m alive,” his impossibly deep voice made my heart skip a beat.

He continued to stare at me as my instincts kicked in. He was hurt and needed help, now.

I scrambled to his side, kneeling among the crimson stained flowers. Blood had sprayed across his clothes like paint flung by a careless child. I gulped as I hastily unlatched the buttons  on his expensive coat.  It fell open, exposing his dark clothing beneath. The fabric soaked clear through, hugging his hard, masculine lines. His boots gleamed in the light, hiding the gory stains, while the snowy scarf around his neck caused the droplets to stand out like red jewels.

My gaze detected no tears, rips or bullet holes in his finely tailored button up. I couldn’t see where the injury was. I need to get the blood washed off him.

“H…Hang on. I’ll be right back. Just don’t die.”

The corners of his full lips twitched. “If you insist.”

My mind ran like a freight train, trying to scour up what little knowledge of first aid I had. Once I reached my car, I popped open the glove compartment and scrambled to pull out napkins, a bottle of water, and the first aid kit.

Hurrying back through the sea of sunflowers, I checked my cell phone. Ugh, no service? I skid to a stop by his side. Okay, need to keep him talking so he stays conscious.

I took a deep breath as I unbuttoned his shirt. I needed to find where all the blood was coming from. “So, what’s your name?”

“My name is Ivan. Don’t you at least want me to buy you dinner before we get down to that?”

“Huh?” I pushed my hair out of my face as he flashed a questioning smirk. Immediately, my face burned. “Oh, ha ha. Tell you what, I’ll let you buy me dinner if you don’t die on me, okay?”

He grinned as I popped the last button on his shirt undone, and pushed it to the side. Drops of red liquid snaked down the myriad of muscles that formed his abs. His chest moved slow and steady as he watched my reaction with a hooded gaze.

“Um…” I shook my head to clear my senses. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“Not that I can tell.” His lips curled in a menacing, yet seductive, way.

Hello! Focus here. Save the man first. Drool later.

“You must be in shock.” My hands grazed down his side, pressing into his chest. “Any pain here?”

His light blond hair fell into his eyes as he answered. “No.”

“Okay. No broken ribs.” My hands trailed down to his stomach as I studied his body. The ripples of his abs tightened, jumping out to receive my touch. My gaze roved to Ivan’s, and his brows arched.

“Um, can you relax a bit? I need to see if your organs are sound.”

His head cocked to one side. “Forgive me. My muscles seem to be acting of their own will. Maybe that is a condition that needs seeing to?”

I shook my head. Over the chiseled six-pack I couldn’t feel if he had any damage. But if his abs were working so well, I had to assume the rest of his torso was good-to-go.

My eyes wandered lower, following that light dusting of hair from his taunt belly to unknown regions…

I held my breath and mentally slapped myself. Most people could live though a leg injury. I’d save that for last.

“Would you like me to remove them?” His voice brought me back to reality. “Your eyes are burning holes through my trousers.”

Gulping, I averted my gaze. My voice came out as a squeak. “That can wait. I should check your arms and head first.”

“As you wish.” His violet eyes challenged me as I grabbed the edges of his coat and shirt. His mood seemed to shift from gentle and reticent to hard and feral.

Gulping again, my eyes beheld his broad, masculine shoulders as I slipped the material down. Unconsciously holding my breath, my touch devoured the corded muscles, and slid the material lower. Against his pale, wrought biceps my hands appeared tiny as they gripped and kneaded the flesh.

I had to focus… “Does that hurt?” I whispered.

But instead of answering, his eyes beheld me in their consuming grasp.

I bit my lip and pulled the rest of the material from his body. Though stained with blood, I still could find no injury. Grabbing the napkins and water, I mopped up his forearms and hands. Just as I finished my careful exploration, one massive hand caught mine.

Threading his fingers though my little ones, he pressed the back of my hand to his heart. My face burned red-hot as the lines of his rippling chest cradled my hand.

“Uh…um…” I tried to yank my hand away at my furious reaction to the contact. But he refused to release me. “I need to check your back. Turn over.”

His eyebrows went up. “You presume to order me?” His soft tones betrayed the dangerous glint in his eye.

My body shook in response. “No. I’m just trying to help.”

“Help?” His fingers massaged my hand gently. “It has been long since you’ve had a man, no?”

Embarrassment. Pure embarrassment flooded my veins with adrenalin. Was it that obvious?

“Ah, by the blush of your cheeks I can see I am right. You want for me.” He brought my hand to his lips and his warm breath caused my senses to ignite like wild fire. “I feel you trembling.” His full lower lip grazed my knuckle. “You should become one with me. I will protect you and fight for you. I will not allow a drop of blood to mar that pretty face of yours.”

What has happened? How did making sure this gorgeous man was okay turn into a proposition? “You don’t act like you’re injured…”

A grin spread across his face. “I can handle myself in battle.”

“You mean you did all this damage and you don’t have a single injury?” Just how strong is this guy? “How is that possible?”

“These fingers can bring a swift death, or torture someone into submission.” His teeth nipped at the pad of my forefinger. “I need you in this bed of flowers, beside me.” His gaze darted from my face, to the sky, and back. “Would you like to submit? Or should I make you?”

“Wh…What?” My mind was still trying to process his words when strong, foreign hands grasped me from behind.

The painful grip yanked me from Ivan and crushed me to the chest of a bleeding foe. “Bow to us, Russia. Or we kill the girl,” his deadly voice demanded.

The black barrel of a gun appeared at my right temple. This guy means business.

Right then, I realized the quip about lying next to Ivan was to help me avoid being captured by this guy… Not to make a pass at me.

Now I really felt like an idiot.

“Do you accept my offer?” Ivan purred from the bed of blood, flowers, and rumpled clothes.

“What offer?” Fear jumbled my memories as I tried to recall what he said to me moments before. Only one phrase stuck to the back of my mind…“To become one with you?” Maybe he was hitting on me?

He nodded once, appearing almost bored with the situation. His cool demeanor remained as he spread his arms out in a relaxed pose among the flowers. His hands disappeared among the painted flower stalks.

What a perfect display of masculinity he was. In the short time I knew him, I’d learned he could be as gentle as a snowflake and as deadly as deep winter. In that moment, I knew there was no safer place than in his arms.


The enemy’s arm snaked to my jaw and pressed my head back. “No more talking.” His crushing hands bruised my cheeks and made my eyes water. I wanted this jerk to pay.

“If I do, will you kill this guy?” I ground out.

Ivan’s eyes flashed. “With pleasure.”

The man’s hand trailed down to my neck and squeezed, crushing my windpipe. I had to answer quickly before he cut me off from consciousness completely.

With the last bit of air I wheezed “Yes.”

The man behind me tensed as Ivan stood to his full height. His alabaster skin pulled taunt as he flexed his finely tuned muscles. Years on the battle field had sculpted his form to perfection. The breeze tousled his sandy-blonde hair. The scarf decorated with drops of his enemy’s blood whipped about him.

Without a doubt, Ivan was impressive.

With a swift swing of his arm, something shiny glistened in the sun. A curved pipe arced inches above my head, making a sickening crunch as it connected with my attacker’s skull.

That was a little too close for comfort…

His grip loosened and he fell with a thud behind me.

Ivan’s free hand reached out and pulled me to him. Pressing my head to his warm chest, he whispered in my ear. “Don’t look.” His fingers blocked my vision as he began to usher me from the field. “I’ll protect you from everything from now on. Even from the darkness within me.”

But I resisted and tugged his hand free. Glancing over my shoulder, I paused and took in the gruesome sight. From this distance it didn’t look as terrible as it had close-up. The bodies had been swallowed by the sunflowers.

Swaying in the breeze, the red contrasted with the yellow of the petals, appearing almost beautiful. “Your darkness did that?” I breathed in the floral and copper scent. “It’s actually… beautiful from this distance. Like rubies on sunshine.” I raised my camera and snapped several pictures.

His palm cradled my cheek, turning my vision back to him. “You think my work is beautiful?”

I nodded, my heartbeat speeding up at his heated gaze. “Like a work of art. It’s exactly what I was looking for.”

His lips captured mine with his heat and height bearing down on me.

My knees weakened, but his strong arms pinned me to his naked torso, holding me up. His intoxicating taste lingered on my lips as he pulled away. “You are so perfect,” his husky voice said against my lips. “And soon we will become one.”

I blushed, but didn’t look away. “You promised we’d have dinner, if you didn’t die.”

“I did.” He said. “Then I will spoil you with a feast of the finest food my country has to offer. And then—”

I kissed him long and deep, until I felt him begin to submit to my touch. “And then we’ll see what happens.”






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