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Great Review For Gargoyle!

I’m thrilled to share a little of the great review from Reese’s Reviews. If you want to read the full post hop over to – And enter to win a free copy!

Reeses reviews

Elizabeta was an amazing character to read. She was easily relatable, especially when she was feeling all flustered when she was around Aelius. Elizabeta had a lot to learn about herself throughout the novel and I liked that she wasn’t perfect. She also liked scheming a lot which was awesome, one of the best scenes in the book! Aelius was hot is every sense of the word. He had the perfect body and was quite humorous himself at times, even though I don’t think he meant to be. He had a great sense of justice when it came to protecting Elizabeta and bringing justice to those who would seek to harm her. The honestly made a perfect couple!
Overall, Gargoyle is an amazing read. It is extremely original like none I’ve ever read. The lengths Elizabeta and Aelius were willing to go through to be together was amazing. They both grew as characters throughout the book which was awesome. There was always something going on in the story and I was always left guessing what would happen next. I hope you pick up a copy of this amazing book ASAP!
Favorite Quote: “My uncle started that little lie. It’s amazing you believed him.”

“Oh, I didn’t believe him. The Headmaster ordered me, and your other teachers, to keep an eye out for definitive proof. And now we have it, and this whole stupid thing is over. That’s all.”

“I hope so, Mr. Chevalier. Because, if you wanted to see something other than what I possess, I’d say you need to leave this island immediately and find yourself a wife.” Did I really just say that?! First I fall on him, crack his skull a good one, now I’m insulting him? What’s wrong with me?

He burst out laughing. He bent forward and slapped the water. “That’s more like it, Erro. That’s the spirit! Why aren’t you like that with the boys in class?”

My brow drew together. I insult him, and he thinks it’s funny? There’s a lot more I need to learn about men, it seems.

Rating: 4.5

Thank you Reese’s Reviews!

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Congratulations To Our Winner!

Congrats to Misha, the winner of the Halloween Blog Hop give-away! She received her free e-book of gargoyle today, and I really hope she enjoys it 🙂

Thank you to all those who stopped by, we had a great turn out. I’m very excited about this book release, and want to thank you all for your support!

Gargoyle started out as a 13 page contest entry, which then turned into a novella after taking a place in the competition. After many (very many) drafts, it reached its final length and is now a novel. I’m currently working on the second in the series, tentatively named “Priestess.” I have several books in my head for the series, with a minimum of three.

I’ll see you soon, with more excerpts to come 🙂

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Halloween + Book Release = A Great Spooky Season

I was so excited when I found out Gargoyle was coming out for Halloween. I mean, he is a monster. And tis the season to celebrate monsters! Well, he’s the hero, too. So I guess he’s not all that spooky.

But Aelius the gargoyle certainly has his moments. At least he’s gentlemanly enough to ask if he can kill someone before actual bloodshed… Well, most of the time 🙂  He can get a little short-tempered when people threaten his maker, and object of affection, Elizabeta.  But Elizabeta can be just as protective of her gargoyle.

Are there any monsters that are the object of your respect or affection? In fantasy I would have to say vampires are still one of my favorites, but I’ve always wanted to see the Loch Ness Monster, too.


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Fairy Ring


While visiting the cemetery today my daughter spotted a fairy ring, otherwise known as a toadstool ring.  Being a fairytale junky I was all kinds of excited.  I didn’t think these appeared in the U.S.  I thought they only grew in England, Ireland or Scotland.

Here is my friend Kierah, making a wish in the middle 🙂

So what is a fairy/toadstool ring?  Wikipedia says- Fairy rings occupy a prominent place in European folklore as the location of gateways into elfin kingdoms, or places where elves gather and dance. According to the folklore, a fairy ring appears when a fairy, pixie, or elf appears. It will disappear without trace in less than five days, but if an observer waits for the elf to return to the ring, he or she may be able to capture it.

Fairy Chronicles says- They are usually found in places where fairies have had a gathering. Toadstool rings tempt people, who are hoping to see fairies, back to the same spot over and over again. However, non-magical people cannot see fairies; and fairies seldom meet in the same place twice, so it is somewhat silly to return to a toadstool ring in the hopes of glimpsing fairies. Toadstool rings are thought to be bad omens by people who mistrust fairies.

I love fairies, so no bad omens here!  I’d love to get more pictures, but I think I’ll let the fairies be for now.  I’m just glad to see such a beautiful and rare thing 🙂


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Writing Classes?

Tomorrow I’m teaching a quick class on characterization at the Jewett House for the Idaho Writer’s League.  It’s something I’ve had to learn and build on top of by taking classes myself.  But the most helpful thing to me was learing it through writing.  I’ve written two full novels, two shorts, and several partials that I’ve set aside or am currently working on.

I highly encourage all writers out there to read books on writing, but taking classes on writing can be helpful in its own way.  The feedback that other writers give you can be helpful.  Of course there’s always that one person that can be overly picky or critical, so I give you my blessing to ignore them.  But, without the help of critique partners, I wouldn’t already be on my third novel.  If you tend to hear the same suggestion over and over I suggest you look into considering their advice.  Remember, every publisher is looking for something a little different from the last.  Keep pushing and learning!

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The Garb

I love this quote by Frank Delaney— “One article of clothing – even the texture of the fabric: tweed, silk, creased linen – will describe an entire character.”

There you have it. ‘Nough said.

Okay, maybe I have a few words to tack on that.  Let me throw out a few characters and see if their clothing comes to mind. Sherlock Holmes, Lestat De Lioncourt, and Cinderella (before the fairy godmother).

Could you see what they were wearing?  In most cases the author only need mention the article of clothing at the introduction of the character, then make little references here and there.

Sherlock is famous for his tweed.  The vampire Lestat for his love of red velvet, and Cinderella had her tattered linen. (at least I think it was linen)  The clothes say so much about a person.  Now, what about a silk scarf on a man?  It’s black, neatly creased and hanging open around his neck.  Can you see the rest of his attire?  Or even the weather as he walks down the sidewalk?

Hopefully you’re not imagining a hot summer day with a surfer in sandals.  You might imagine a handsome man in a business suit.  Maybe the sidewalk’s wet? Or snowy?  He holds a briefcase in one hand and the latest issue of Wall Street tucked under his other arm.

Have fun thinking of clothing, and describing them.  I know I will.


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Psychics in the Paranormal

  Psychics have been popping up all over the place in the paranormal genre.  And it’s not just with humans.  These similar powers manifest in vampires, witches, ect. 

  While I could go on and on about fiction characters, I decided to take a more non-fiction approach to this topic in order to help influence your writing a bit.  I’ve done some reasearch on the psychic phenomenon and here’s what I’ve come up with;  There are many different types of “psychic” abilities.  I actually spoke to an entire family of people who fall in the category of having  psychic ability.  Though, they called themselves Spiritually Gifted. 

  One of these individuals has the ability to see the future in dreams.  We all know this as “Deja vu,”  but with this person it’s a common phenomenon.  They can’t force it to happen, but it occurs several times a week.  Another of the family has healing abilities.  They practice Reiki, a form of energy transfer from the practitioner to the patient.  Their hands focus on certain points of the body to help clear and streamline the afflicted’s chakra or energy flow.  Two family members had the ability to just “know” things.  Like when one got into an accident the other saw it in their head and rushed to the hospital.  There were several states separating them, yet somehow they knew.  Still, another has the ability to talk to the “other side.”  This includes the dead, angels and demons. They can see images of the beings in their head, feel what their feeling, and carry on entire conversations with them.  The modern term for this type of psychic is a “medium.”  Another ability is to be able to see one’s aura.  I understand that certain emotions have colors that one can emit.  This person could see how you were feeling from across the room by the color of your aura. 

  Some use tools in conjunction with their gifts.  Tarot cards can be used to look into your past and future.  Crystals can absorb negative energy.  And strobe lights help one to see those on the other side.  So, when writing about psychics in a fictional way you can take a page from those in real life and expand on them.  I’m sure there’s other abilities out there that I’ve missed.  So take one of these and let your imagination run wild; put a twist on them or give your character more than one ability. 

 Happy writing everyone!


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