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Finding Fantasy Land Right Around The Corner

A new hobby I’ve picked up this year is mushroom hunting. Up here in the northwest we have a variety of mushrooms that grow in the spring and fall. Half way through the day I sat on a fallen tree to take a break. As I took in the landscape I mentioned to my partner how the area surrounding us was like something straight out of a fantasy story. The carpet of moss stretched out to envelop fallen trees and rocks. A small brook bubbled near by. Small orange mushrooms dotted the ground like little bursts of fireworks, adding a warm, cheerful atmosphere to the cool forest floor.

I said “I wouldn’t be surprised if a fairy appeared next to us and a unicorn galloped by.” I thought places like that only existed in the movies or photo-shopped pictures on the internet. It was wonderful to be able to take in the fantasy-like landscape. It can be difficult to describe a scene if you’ve never been there. Much of what I write is fantasy. The places only live in my imagination and I always want to present these places to my readers in the most believable fashion.

I’ve always heard it’s best to write what you know. Getting out to these beautiful places certainly helps with my descriptive abilities, especially since I feel that is my biggest weakness! If you have a way to visit a place similar to what you’re writing about, I highly recommend it!

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