Release Day for Phoenix Tonic!

I’m so exited to see the Phoenix leave the nest. And the cover is amazing! Thank you to Ashley from Redbird Designs. Talk about a happy author, here. Phoenix Tonic is the first in a series titles “the Golden Brothers.” Phoenix Monarch, the second in the series, releases next month. I’m thrilled I won’t have to keep the two books separated for long. Here’s a little about the book. Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by!


       Hailey wants her freedom. Kallian wants Hailey’s love.  But the uncontrollable effects of the Phoenix Tonic may turn Hailey into a murderer.

What kind of jerk would offer a cure for cancer only if you married him? Hailey refuses the offer from her ex-boyfriend, Kallian, facing death instead of an imprisoned marriage. But when she wakes in a steel room, she learns her father made a different deal while she was on the brink of death.  Now she has to choose – stay quarantined, or marry the jerk.  Either way she’s a prisoner.

Kallian always loved Hailey. When he hears of her illness he offers up his family’s deepest secret – the Phoenix Tonic.  But the side effects are dangerous, and anyone given the tonic has always married into the family to preserve the secrets.

When Kallian administers the cure, he sequesters Hailey for her own safety against the side effects. But Hailey soon learns the inevitable; anyone who takes the tonic becomes irrevocably attracted to the source, which happens to be the man she hates more than anything: Kallian.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Phoenix Tonic, it’s available in paperback and ebook . Just click the link below, and have an awesome day!

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  1. W000000T!!!! I LOVED this book! I was lucky to beta read it!

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