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For The Love of Steampunk

Lately, I’ve been toying with a new genre, steampunk. Every time people ask, What’s that? I bring up Jules Vern, Sherlock Holmes, and the movies Wild, Wild West and Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s packed with steam run inventions, with a dash of fantasy. I absolutely love the adventure and inventions I get to come up with. The genre is fairly new, with more books popping up every day. It tends to fall more in the Young Adult and New Adult categories, which is fine by me!

Pirate pic 2014

As convention season hits you can find me in Spokane sporting my new air ship pirate duds, in support of my new manuscript. Here’s a picture of the base, but I’m adding brass wings, a jet pack, as well as numerous cogs and gears. I hope you might have a chance to delve into this new genre and enjoy the fun it brings with it. Happy reading!


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