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Forbidden Dance Book Release!

The fifth in the Shadow Fan series is out! This book doesn’t belong to a specific couple as the other books have in the past. Instead, it’s more like a collision of the Tenma family meeting their destiny. You will get to see a little of everyone.  There are still two more stories in the series to come. I hope you enjoy this one!

stone wall with hole

With Tomo gone, Hana is determined to protect her sister from a dead-end life as a shrine priestess. The problem is, Yuki’s beliefs begin to make sense, which has Hana falling apart at the seams. She cannot believe she’s fallen in love with a legendary Mushi.
But everything changes when the Shadow Fan is stolen.
To the Mountain Spirit, Yoshino, safety of Kai and his family is paramount. But she can feel a great change is coming, and with the Shadow Fan missing, she’s not sure everyone will survive the coming days.

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