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Emerald City and Romantic Suspense

I’ve spent the day at Emerald City Writer’s Conference! I’ve had a blast going to classes, meeting other authors, editors, agents and promo specialists. I’ve learned so many new things, my head is buzzing with ideas. I’m excited to get that next story out, and I wish I could write like a speed demon! I’ve gotta tell you, being with my fellow writers is a great experience. We all hide in our offices turning out stories. But when we get here, we’re like little animals who’ve gotten out of their cages. We are a fun lot, us writers!

A bunch of authors, seem to think romantic suspense might be the next big wave. I’m excited for that, but alas, I cannot turn away from my extreme paranormal/fantasy mind. I will continue to write what I love, weaving action and suspense into my stories as always. Well, I’m going to head for a neck-deep bubble bath, then write some more. I can’t leave my characters hanging for too long!

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