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Fate of the Unfaithful Release

Tomo and Hana’s story, Fate of the Unfaithful, is releasing the week of September 23rd! Also, the first in the series, Shadow Fan, will be free during the same week as well! So if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the Shadow Fan Series, now’s the time to get into it! I really and truly love Tomo and Hana. Tomo is such a fun, great guy (even if he isn’t human). And Hana cares so much about her family, she’s willing to suffer for them.


Faith didn’t have a place in Hana’s life. Science and reason never failed her before. In an attempt to prove there is no such thing as supernatural creatures, she makes a bet with the man she loves. While determined to make her point, the devotion to her beliefs war with that of her heart.

Tomo the Mushi has fallen for Hana, though she doesn’t believe his kind exists. But when Hana contracts a rare Mushi infection, it begins to eat her from the inside out. Tomo must find the answer to save her, or fate will expose the truth to Hana in the most brutal way.

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