Journey of the Divine is Here!

Yay! Journey of the Divine, the third in the Shadow Fan Series, is out! It will be FREE August 1st- 3rd. I’m so excited for the third installment of the series. This is where we see Kai try to overcome the great differences between himself and Yoshino, the Mountain Spirit.

journeyofthedivinecover copy

The sword on the cover is the key to wake the last living dragon, and the golden fruit is, well, explosive. But to Yoshino it’s just a pleasant tickle to her throat! This story is packed with a huge battle against Yokai and Oni, and a confrontation with Yoshino’s ex-boyfriend. Oh, and we mustn’t forget Tomo the Mushi! He needs a little saving himself in this tale. Not to mention the majestic dragon making his debut. Happy reading, all!

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