Keeper of the Shrine is FREE!

From today, Monday the 24th, till Wednesday the 26th the second in the Shadow Fan Series, Keeper of the Shrine, is FREE! Here’s and excerpt to celebrate!

The priest blinked and stared, gaping at her.

Yoshino stared right back. She would not retreat from this ridiculous human who refused to listen to her, or the truth.

“Yoshi?” Tomo’s hand lingered near hers, but he didn’t touch her. She could hear the concern in his voice, but she was too angry to acknowledge it.

The two children, who had silently watched the exchange, decided now was a good time to speak up.

“That was stupid.” The boy threw an empty dango stick at the priest.

His head snapped to the two kids.

“Yeah, Kai,” the girl chimed in. “You’re supposed to be her priest. You’re not supposed to fight with her about everything she says.”

He shook his head and his shoulders slouched. “Yeah, but she’s not really—”

“What did you say?” Yoshino’s heart sped up as her eyes met the girl’s. A burning began in her chest and swept through her limbs. The girl… she knew him. She said a name. But not just any name. The name.

The girl’s shoulders went to her ears as her head ducked. “I-I told Kai he shouldn’t fight with you, because he’s your priest.”

The girl withdrew into herself as the turmoil built inside Yoshino. It rolled off her in uncontrollable waves, the surprise, fear, and refusal to accept the truth. The priest’s name was Kai, the same as Naru’s prophecy.

Her body shook at the revelation.

And the ground shook.

The movement surprised her. I didn’t call for an earthquake.

The children squealed, holding onto the table. Still the tremor moved with her heart. She needed to calm down.

The priest widened his stance, pulled the mask from his face, and grasped the table. His tiger colored eyes narrowed as he struggled for balance. He said something comforting to the children as a lock of hair fell over his eyes.

At that moment Yoshino thought her heart would explode.

The mountain roared to life tenfold as she gazed over his features.  She had them memorized in her heart, those few images the Mushi had shown her. The strong jaw, high cheekbones, and angular features. It was the face of Naru’s descendant. The son of triplets. The one who could see her. The one who would ruin everything.

The one she had dreamed about for hundreds of years.

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