The Shadow Fan is Out Today and Free!

The Shadow Fan is FREE today, and I’d like to celebrate by introducing you to the hero, Naru.


Naru, a lowly peasant, has long loved the village lord’s daughter, Aya.Unfortunatly, she has no idea he even exists, until he stumbles upon a strange woman at the edge of the forest. The lady reveals herself to be Yoshino, the Spirit of the Mountain. An evil, rat Yokai, a demon like animal, has come hunting wealthy young girls. Yoshino promises to help Naru be with Aya, if he kills the Yokai.

stone wall with hole

Naru agrees, and soon finds the Mountian Spirit has chosen him to be her High Priest. But he must overcome the Yokai, armies, and training in the Boarder Lands to win her. But when the village is at stake, will he be able to handle the power of the Mountain Spirit embued in the Shadow Fan. He can kill or heal with the flick of the wrist. But the fan will require a price to be paid if it is used unworthily; the life of the user.

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