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A Writer’s Unique Voice

Tomorrow I’m giving an interactive class on literary voice At the Idaho Writer’s League in Coeur D’ Alene.

Book and pen

Many people have a difficult time finding their writer’s voice. Your voice on the page should be as unique as your own manner of speaking. If you are a quiet, gentle person your voice should reflect that on the page. Your writing may feel light and airy. While a dark and brooding person will be able to lock you in their world with their stong and emotional tones.

Light vs Dark_web II

I enjoy both styles of writing, as long as it takes me to a world where I can escape to! Tomorrow I’ll be helping people to recognize what a literary voice is, and hopefully understanding that finding your own voice is akin to finding (and knowing) your own inner self.

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Thank You River City!

I just returned form a morning of talks with the students of River City Middle School.  I was so impressed with how many students were interested in writing or had already begun to write a novel! What a blast. Thanks for not falling asleep on me! Maybe it helped that I threw candy at the kids. Oh, and I’m really sorry I hit that one girl in the head with chocolate, but I did repay her in candy 🙂 No concussion I think.

river city school

Writing is such a solitary act, but I’m more of a people person, so I was happy to get out of the house. Some of my favorite questions were-

How many books have you written total? This gave me pause. I had to stop and count everything I’ve written that has, and has not gotten published yet. The total right now is nine. This includes shorts, novellas and novels.

What is your favorite anime? This question was asked after I revealed I get much of my inspiration from anime/manga and music. My favorite animes are Sword Art Online, Bleach,  Shippuden, Blood Plus, Kamisama Kiss Inuyasha and Full Metal Alchemist. There are a BUNCH more, but It would fill this whole post, so I’ll stop here.


Would you ever write about werewolves? The answer was probably not. I love werewolves, but like vampires, that market is saturated. Vampires, werewolves, angels and demons have been real big the last few years. Last year zombies came into the mix. If I did write about a werewolf It wold likely be a side character in a larger story.


I’ll be teaching again next Wed. at Idaho Writer’s League on “Your Unique Writing Voice.”  And in April I’ll be presenting a workshop (with fellow RWA members) at the Get Lit! festival in Spokane about world building.  Hope to see you there!



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