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Making a Myth Your Own

I love myths and legends. Much of my inspiration comes from these old tales. Working myths into fantasy or paranormal writing is a fun way to add onto a world that’s already been created. The question after that is, do you keep the rules of the world, or break them?

Me personally, I like to stick to the original rules as much as possible. But if a really great idea comes up I might bend the rules a touch to make them work for my characters. Recently I’ve been working on a collection of stories based off of Japanese myths, and boy do they have some fantastic ones!

My new thing is writing what comes next. After the end of the myth or legend what happened to the kids, the town, the bad guy? I love carrying on a favorite story that would otherwise have ended. One of those is the tale of the Tiger and the Dragon. In Asian myths when the tiger wanted all power to himself he went up against the dragon. But after a long battle the two realized they were equally matched. They would forever have to share power, and they hated each other for it.

tiger dragon

I wonder what their kids would have gone through? Would this be a Romeo and Juliet ending or would the kids follow in their parents footsteps? Actually my muse came up with a third option, which will be included in the Shadow Fan series, soon to release. I’ll be sure to share more as the story unfolds. For now, enjoy those good old tales.

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