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Great Review For Gargoyle!

I’m thrilled to share a little of the great review from Reese’s Reviews. If you want to read the full post hop over to – And enter to win a free copy!

Reeses reviews

Elizabeta was an amazing character to read. She was easily relatable, especially when she was feeling all flustered when she was around Aelius. Elizabeta had a lot to learn about herself throughout the novel and I liked that she wasn’t perfect. She also liked scheming a lot which was awesome, one of the best scenes in the book! Aelius was hot is every sense of the word. He had the perfect body and was quite humorous himself at times, even though I don’t think he meant to be. He had a great sense of justice when it came to protecting Elizabeta and bringing justice to those who would seek to harm her. The honestly made a perfect couple!
Overall, Gargoyle is an amazing read. It is extremely original like none I’ve ever read. The lengths Elizabeta and Aelius were willing to go through to be together was amazing. They both grew as characters throughout the book which was awesome. There was always something going on in the story and I was always left guessing what would happen next. I hope you pick up a copy of this amazing book ASAP!
Favorite Quote: “My uncle started that little lie. It’s amazing you believed him.”

“Oh, I didn’t believe him. The Headmaster ordered me, and your other teachers, to keep an eye out for definitive proof. And now we have it, and this whole stupid thing is over. That’s all.”

“I hope so, Mr. Chevalier. Because, if you wanted to see something other than what I possess, I’d say you need to leave this island immediately and find yourself a wife.” Did I really just say that?! First I fall on him, crack his skull a good one, now I’m insulting him? What’s wrong with me?

He burst out laughing. He bent forward and slapped the water. “That’s more like it, Erro. That’s the spirit! Why aren’t you like that with the boys in class?”

My brow drew together. I insult him, and he thinks it’s funny? There’s a lot more I need to learn about men, it seems.

Rating: 4.5

Thank you Reese’s Reviews!

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Gargoyle Is On Tour

I’m so excited to announce Gargoyle is on tour! Stop at a blog on the list over the next two weeks to win one of four copies of Gargoyle 🙂 There will be some fun posts, including one where you can take a quiz to see what kind of a Gargoyle master you would be!

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The first stop on the tour is over at Paranormal Reads! They gave a wonderful review. Stop by to win one of four copies of Gargoyle for free. Just enter the raffle copter at the bottom 🙂

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