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Congratulations To Our Winner!

Congrats to Misha, the winner of the Halloween Blog Hop give-away! She received her free e-book of gargoyle today, and I really¬†hope she enjoys it ūüôā

Thank you to all those who stopped by, we had a great turn out. I’m very excited about this book release, and want to thank you all for your support!

Gargoyle started out as a¬†13 page¬†contest entry, which then turned into a novella after¬†taking a place in the competition. After many (very many) drafts, it reached¬†its final length and is now a novel. I’m currently working on the second in the series,¬†tentatively named “Priestess.” I have several books in my head for the series, with a minimum of three.

I’ll see you soon, with more excerpts to come ūüôā

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Halloween Blog Hop, Free Give Away and Excerpt!

Hi all, and welcome to my little blog. I’m very excited to be participating in the Halloween Blog Hop. You can find them here¬†where many other authors are doing give-aways! And if you get a chance please stop by and “Like” my facebook page here-

For the contest I’m giving out a free ebook of GARGOYLE, my new YA/New Adult Paranormal Romance.¬† If you would like to qualify for the drawing please comment with your email (so I can send you your free book if you win!) Please give me a few days after the contest ends to announce the winner. Thank you, and please enjoy this extended excerpt from Gargoyle!

The only male figure I’d ever created filled me with pride.

‚ÄúNow, what to call you?‚ÄĚ The full moonlight glinted off his flawless face. ‚ÄúSomething ancient, Roman maybe.‚ÄĚ I used the damp rag to wipe the dust from his jaw. ‚ÄúAelius… What do you think?‚ÄĚ His gentle features looked down at me, accepting and understanding. I ran my thumb over his full lower lip. I had secretly studied many lips of the young men at this school to be able to create the perfect mouth. The mouth I would most like to kiss.

But I would never get to kiss lips like those, since I was pretending to be a boy.

I dared to pull myself up another few centimeters. No one lingered below. The hour was well past curfew. My breath reflected off his marble face as I turned my head ever so slightly to the side.¬† He was only a statue, and therefore I knew his lips would be cold and unyielding. But I was mistaken…

I discovered warm, soft lips when I pressed mine to his.

Then they gave a bit.

And then they kissed back.

The impossible yanked me back in surprise. The thought I had lost my mind was swallowed by fear as I lost my balance.  Gravity pulled me from the ledge.

As I fell backward my eyes locked with his. Dark and full of wonder, they beheld me. I reached out for him as I slipped farther away.  The muscles my hands had carved flexed in motion. Black wings sliced through the air as he lunged forward, his slender fingers grasping for mine. My falling body abruptly came to a stop, muscles pulling as I dangled from the gargoyle’s hand.

The warm, soft lips I had just kissed smiled. ‚ÄúAre you all right, my master?‚ÄĚ

Confusion flooded my mind. A gargoyle was talking to me as I hung several meters away from broken bones or death. Was I crazy? Or sleeping? Perhaps my classmates were playing another prank on me.  Had they dosed my food with laudanum? Either way, I had to get down before anyone saw me.

‚ÄúUh… just help me down, please!‚ÄĚ

He swiftly pulled me to him and caught me midair. I braced myself as his arms encircled me and drew my body to his chest. I thought I would meet the impact of cold stone. But his expansive chest radiated heat as warm as his lips. Those agile muscles had lost the coldness of marble. My figure came to rest against smooth flesh. His legs were hidden from view by a simple white wrap as he stood us up. His great leather wings unfurled and gracefully moved against the wind, to drop us down onto the balcony.

My trembling hands grasped his shoulders.  As the gargoyle straightened, he looked down at me. His pale arms held together my sanity. Black spices mixed with oak and vanilla filled my senses as I panted against him. The fragrance was heavenly.  Then I realized the tantalizing scent was him.  My rattled senses finally tore me from utopia. Taking pleasure in the arms of a monster was absurd. This could not be happening.

If you like the excerpt Gargoyle is available now from Pink Petal Books right now-’d

But, if you prefer print, or to purchase your book through Amazon, it will be available November 1st. That’s just a few days away! Thanks for stopping by!


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Halloween + Book Release = A Great Spooky Season

I was so excited when I found out Gargoyle was coming out for Halloween. I mean, he is a monster. And tis the season to celebrate monsters! Well, he’s the hero, too. So I guess he’s not all that spooky.

But Aelius¬†the gargoyle certainly has his moments. At least he’s gentlemanly¬†enough to ask if he can kill someone before actual bloodshed… Well, most of the time ūüôā¬† He can get a little short-tempered¬†when people threaten his maker, and object of affection, Elizabeta.¬† But Elizabeta can be just as protective of her gargoyle.

Are there any monsters that are the object of your respect or affection? In fantasy I would have to say vampires are still one of my favorites, but I’ve always wanted to see the Loch Ness Monster, too.


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My Characters Want Things I Never Dreamed Of

As I was thinking about Gargoyle, trying to figure out something I wanted to share about the story, I ran into a curious thought.  Elizabeta, the heroine from the story, wants things I never considered before.  She wants to be a girly girl, she wants to have her feet washed, and she wants to have a huge white wedding with all the frills.

Well, maybe I wanted the big fancy wedding, but the other things not so much.  Aelius, the hero, goes out of his way to bring those wants to reality.  He slowly transforms her living area from a dreary, crumbling room to a place of comfort and memories.

And the foot washing thing… Where did that come from? I’m waaay¬†too ticklish. No one’s touching the bottoms of my feet without me squirming away!¬† But Elizabeta¬†dreams of a man who washes and messages her feet with scented oils and rose petals.¬† Her gargoyle does the best he can with¬†their surroundings, and has her melting in the palm of his hand.¬† He even has to remind her to breathe.

I hope someone finds a way of turning your wants into a reality today!


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Pink Petal Anniversary Celebration

Do you like free? Pink Petal Books is giving away free stuff this month! One of them being my short, Spirit Tracks.  Also my first novella, Wingless, is featured in the first Sampler give-away of the month. All you have to do is click the link below, or the picture on the side bar, and follow the directions!

<a href=”“><img¬†src=”“></a>

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