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The Magic Touch

In Wingless Luke fixes Nathan’s computer with just a touch. I gotta tell you, I wish I could shrink Luke and keep him in my pocket.  Stuff is falling apart all the time in my house, from the computer to the floors.  I need his magic touch!

If you could have Luke fix something for you, what would it be?


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Dream Destination?

In Wingless April has a thing for the Disney castles.  She’s been to Disneyland, but not Disney World.  She’d love to go.

Me?  I want to go eo Disneyland one more time.  My favorite restaurant is there, the Blue Bayou.  Also, I want to go to Japan and meet Tite Kubo, manga author and artist.  I want to see the cherry blossoms in the spring, a Tao drum show, and fan dance.

I’d also like to go to North Carolina, because that is where my Cherokee blood is from. Scotland, because I want so much to see a castle, and I’m Scottish.  And New Orleans, just because.

Where is your dream vacation?


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Realistic Dreams?

Hi all!  Sorry about the hiccup on the Facebook page.  Please continue to comment there and here on the blog and I will track both scores.  I was going to do two contests, but now I’ll just roll them all into one, with four prizes, and two winning dates.  One on the day of Wingless’s release, August 2nd, and another a couple days later.  Thanks for understanding everyone 🙂 Contest winners will be announced here.

In Wingless April dreams of Luke when she’s a teenager.  She knows it was a series of dreams, but she also cannot deny that Luke really exists somewhere in the universe.  Her faith is just that unshakable.

I’ve had dreams that have been so realistic that I thought they really happened.  Mostly just conversation, though.  Like I’ll think someone’s mom has passed because I dreamed they called and told me that.  But, like an idiot, I was way wrong o.O

However, I’m not counting deja vu.  That stuff seems to happen to everyone in my family 🙂  I never seem to remember those dreams until the event in real life occurs 😛 Life would be so much easier if I could see ten years into the future.


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You Talked to a Spirit?

What would you do if you were having a delightful conversation with someone, only to realize that no one else could see your friend?  How would you react? On my Facebook page I listed 4 common thoughts.  Would you go get your head checked? Tell no one? Tell only your close friends, or shout it to the world?

Me? There’s no way I could keep something so cool a secret.  I’d have to tell my close friends.  If the spirit would have appeared to everyone then everyone was meant to know.  But if it appeared only to me I would assume the spirit wants a certain level of discretion, so I definitely wouldn’t shout it to the world.  Would I think I was crazy?  Well, maybe a little.  But I’d rather have faith than doubts 🙂

In Wingless, something similar happens to the characters.  They each have their own reactions, for better or good.  In the end, I would love to sit down and have dinner with a spirit.


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Wingless Comfort Foods

The contest begins on facebook today!  At one point in Wingless Luke and April fight over proper terminology- is it a lollipop or a sucker?  Luke loves suckers.  Cherry to be exact.

But April’s favorite treat is rocky road and croissants. Oh, but not together. Yuck 🙂 And Nathan’s favorite comfort food is chicken noodle soup.

I LOVE food, so of course I had to work in some tasty treats when my characters need comforting.  I think of all my characters I would stick with April on this and go for the Rocky Road. Mmmm.


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Contests for Wingless

I’ve decided to do two contests to announce the release of my first novella, Wingless.  One will be here, on my blog (in a few days) and the other is a week-long event on my facebook page.  On release day a person who has “Liked” the page will be picked at random to win an Amazon gift card.  The other will be chosen from the posts.  Who ever comments or “likes” the posts throughout the week will be entered for a free ebook of Wingless.

If you are interested in entering the facebook contest, click on the facebook link to the right to visit and “Like” to get started!

The contest here, on this site, will overlap.  It will start a few days before release and end a few days later.  You can win by leaving comments or leaving a “stand-out” remark. Then I will announce the winners.  There will be three winners for each.  Third place will win a swag bag from Bookworm Bags, featuring goodies from a mixture of romance authors (such as bookmarks and candy).

Good luck, everyone!


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Wingless Cover Release

I am so excited to share my cover for Wingless!  The artist, Valerie Tibbs, has an eye for dramatic flair, or just keeping it simple and eye-catching.

I’m so lucky to have gotten her as my cover artist.  She cranks out several covers a month, so you know she’s in demand, and she’s a hard-working artist.  I’m always happy to tip my hat to an artist who’s found their nitch in this world doing what their good at!  Thanks Valerie, and thanks Pink Petal for the wonderful cover 🙂

Here’s a link to her website if you’re interested to see more of her work. (*Disclaimer*  She is a Romance cover artist, so some of her work is spicy!)


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