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Pottermore Breaks Rules And Thrills Fans With E-Book Sharing Options

So excited to see Harry Potter come to the e-side.  What took so long?  Apparently I’m not the only one to think that as people flooded the market to own Harry on a variety of e-reading devices.  Some of these are even unprotected, allowing the books to be shared with friends.  Check it out here:

This has begun wide-spread talk about opening up the scramble encryption on e-books so they can be read on multiple devices.  For instance I know several Nook owners.  They love their Nook, but they simply don’t have the selection Kindle has.  So then they end up buying a Kindle and abandoning their Nook.

They don’t want to.  But they want that juicy book that Nook didn’t have available yet.

However, if the protective scrambler is dropped people can buy from Kindle and have it sent to their Nook.  So, why don’t they do this already?  Piracy.  The e-book behind-the-scenes-guys do this to protect against the unfair theft of e-books.  I see where their coming from, and while I’d like to have people buy my upcoming book instead of borrowing it, I have to expand my thoughts.  If my book was a tangible paper-bound book (hopefully) it would be available in libraries.  Then it would be shared anyway.

Me?  I’m all for the drop of the scrambler.  It might hurt my sales, but it’s quite a hassle for e-reader owners.

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It’s The Year Of Zombies And Apocalypse Books!

I love the newest book by Bonnie Paulson.  It’s smart, fast paced, and kept my heart racing until the last page.  Then I wanted more.  If you have a chance, check it out.

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I Just Signed a Contract With Pink Petal!

I have recently signed a contract with the Pink Petal family!  I love how they believe in their authors and help build them up.  My first piece to be released is “Wingless,” a novella.  While everything is subject to change this early in the game, I know they will turn out a quality product.

*Sigh.*  Guess this means I need to step up my blog posts 🙂  Stay tuned, friends!


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