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Titles and Fans

I was in the store the other day and passed by the book aisle, as I often do.  On the front of the shelf I saw a book with the most awful title I has ever seen.  I won’t tell you what it is, let’s just say I balked at it.  My disgust was so great I had to know who published it.  I was shocked to see it was a house that is huge, and known for their great titles.  I was floored.  But all that didn’t kill me as much as when I realized the book was written by my second favorite author in the whole world!

I threw it in my cart because of the author, but was embarrassed as I paid for it.

With me, I usually pick up a book based on the title and cover.  But, this was my one forgiveness due to the awesomeness of the author.  So if you fear the hand of the publisher messing up the title of your book, don’t worry.  Your fans will have faith in you.  I did, and I loved the book enough to buy another in the series.  Its title is even worse than the first…  But I know it will be awesome.

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