If you know some one that is a craft-o-matic with their writing, then I suggest you stick close to them.  I have a few of them, but one in particular soars above all others- author Bonnie Paulson,  She drags herself from bed in the wee hours to pound the keys and surf the net.  And I (feeling a little guilty) get to glean off of what she reaps.  She’s trying to build her craft.  She finds amazing sites, blogs and hints that show how an excellent story is crafted.  She doesn’t need all the info, and neither do I.  But, some of our other friends may.  So we share and email and text our findings and links.  Well, mostly she does it, I just pass it on where it’s needed.

You never want to believe you are the greatest writer, there is always someone better.  But seriously, if an author believes their work is flawless, then they can’t grow.  And growing, changing and learning is what the writing world is all about.  So striving to build your craft is essential. I’m thankful for my craft-o-matic bud, Bonnie.  Thanks for helping me grow!

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