Writing Classes?

Tomorrow I’m teaching a quick class on characterization at the Jewett House for the Idaho Writer’s League.  It’s something I’ve had to learn and build on top of by taking classes myself.  But the most helpful thing to me was learing it through writing.  I’ve written two full novels, two shorts, and several partials that I’ve set aside or am currently working on.

I highly encourage all writers out there to read books on writing, but taking classes on writing can be helpful in its own way.  The feedback that other writers give you can be helpful.  Of course there’s always that one person that can be overly picky or critical, so I give you my blessing to ignore them.  But, without the help of critique partners, I wouldn’t already be on my third novel.  If you tend to hear the same suggestion over and over I suggest you look into considering their advice.  Remember, every publisher is looking for something a little different from the last.  Keep pushing and learning!

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  1. Ooh, tomorrow’s gonna be so much fun!

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