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The Quote

While cruising through some submission guidelines to a large publisher they asked-  “What’s the standout line in your book?”

Do you know yours?  It can be from any character, so long as it draws emotion and/or really rings true to the reader.  It’s that line that a random stranger can say and you automatically know what book they’re talking about.  Here are some good ones-

“And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

“The boy that lived.”

“Sons of Adam and daughters of Eve.”

Lol. I’m starting to see a pattern with the quotes that pop into my head.  Think I read a lot of YA?  Yeah…  Did you get any of these?  One is Twilight, two is Harry Potter, and three is The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

I read on a sign in front of the doughnut shop the other day “People doubt their beliefs, but believe their doubts.”  I loved this quote.  It rang true to me.  I almost want to steal it.  I can see my hero standing in the driving rain, holding firm his ground.  He shouts to his lady love as she walks away from him, dejected and broken-

“Some people doubt their beliefs, but believe their doubts, Cami.”  His chest heaved in his soaked through white button-up.  Blond hair clung to his face. “I never thought you would be one of those people.  I know the truth and I’m not backing down.”  Cami’s  muscles went rigid.  The clack of her heels on the wet pavement silenced as she turned around.  He held his hand out to her over the sleek black top.  “What you’ve experienced is just a bump in the road, baby.  We can get through it.  Let me remind you why you believed in those things.”

Sigh… I’m enjoying the romance genre lately.  Anyway, if your characters don’t give you a great line look online for a great
quote.  You can even borrow one from a classic movie.  Just remember to give credit where credit is due!

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