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Children In Paranormal Tales

  I love a paranormal couple who I’ve suffered with, blushed with, and fell in love with.  But more than that, I love it when those couples have children.  Especially when they’re not supposed to be able to!  That’s the best stuff.  I crave it.  I beg for it.  And when I get it, I want one thing over all- amazing paranormal abilities to go along with the new bundle of joy!

  The crazier the abilities the better.  That will keep our beloved couple on their toes.  Like a young snake or spider when they bite; The child doesn’t know how to control that venom, and it pours out in more deadly quantities than an adult would dare venture.  Even better; make the ability something that the parent’s need in order to avoid certain death.  Make that child invaluable, not only for survival, but for the plot as well. 

  Of course no parent would dream of putting their child on the front lines of a horrific scene.  But, somehow that child knows they are the only hope.  And they appear when you least expect it.  Like a nuclear bomb they disperse the threat (with some casualties or affliction, naturally).  And when the dust settles… Well, you fill in the blanks.  Kids can be fun and unpredictable.  They can add a totally different spice to a dynamic relationship.

  While living “Happily Ever After” with Tall, dark and handsome is wonderful; living adventurously with a gifted paranormal child could be very endearing.  That child could pilot us to look forward to them being the lead in following books to come.

  This topic was inspired by Brook Ann, a critique partner of mine, and one gifted story-teller!  I hadn’t relized how I looked forward to “more” after the relationship until recently.  I always want a series.  If I love your characters I don’t want it to end.  And seeing them as parents helps us get to know them in a completely different light, and introduces us to a new little one to love as well.


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Crisis in Japan


  It’s hard to know what to what to focus on when it comes to the continuing disaster in Japan.  Earthquakes rocked the island causing the Tsunami which in turn has caused the melt down of three, possibly four nuclear reactors.  There are more than 10,ooo people dead or missing.  Food and water is scarce.  And the radiation blows where ever the wind will take it.

  But, there is no looting in Japan.  Their respect and honor, even in such desperate times, is admirable.  Blood donations are also on a rise, as well as several countries banding together to aid Japan. 

  I almost exclusively watch Japanese shows.  I watch them the day they come out over the internet.  But this week is different.  As of Monday, as expected, my favorite shows were not released.  My heart pours out for the faces and voices I am so familiar with from Japan. 

  If you would like to know more about the current state of the country I suggest:  This link is for the Japan Times.  It is news straight from the country, so you have the least amount of “lost in translation” as you can.  That’s not to say the reporter may or may not sugar coat events. 

  Please pray for the Japanese people.  And if you would like to donate to the disaster here is a good link: This is for the Salvation Army. While many organizations are collecting money for support, Japan has been turning them away.  The Salvation Army, however, is one that has been allowed through to “ground zero.”  There are three teams at work in the disaster area.  Two are handing out food and water, while the third is focusing on relocating the survivors.  On this site you can pick a set amount to donate, or donate an amount you choose.

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How About a Little Illness, Folks?

  Today I woke to two kids with a fever, one of them throwing up with the other dripping yellow goo. And the third has mono (who now also has this mystery crud on top of that!).  Then it occurred to me; Can my paranormal hero get sick?  The answer?  Why not?  Illness mutates.  It’s a living growing thing that can cross species.  This we know from swine flu and avian flu.  So, why not vampires, werewolves, or witches? 

  But what if you’re not writing about a vulnerable creature?  What if it’s a ghost?  Or an angel?  The general consensus is that these are temporal creatures, so maybe you can give them symptoms that are a direct reaction to an event unseen.  Like a tear in space, a black hole forming, or two planes of existence crossing.    You can have their reaction cancel out any number of their cool abilities, or just knock them out all together.

  Throwing in another hurdle for your hero/heroine to overcome is always a fun thing to work with.  And it drives us readers crazy, which we love.  The mystery of an illness and how they’ll overcome it is something we can all relate to.  So break out that medical encyclopedia of strange and rare illnesses and have fun inflicting your protagonist!


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Psychics in the Paranormal

  Psychics have been popping up all over the place in the paranormal genre.  And it’s not just with humans.  These similar powers manifest in vampires, witches, ect. 

  While I could go on and on about fiction characters, I decided to take a more non-fiction approach to this topic in order to help influence your writing a bit.  I’ve done some reasearch on the psychic phenomenon and here’s what I’ve come up with;  There are many different types of “psychic” abilities.  I actually spoke to an entire family of people who fall in the category of having  psychic ability.  Though, they called themselves Spiritually Gifted. 

  One of these individuals has the ability to see the future in dreams.  We all know this as “Deja vu,”  but with this person it’s a common phenomenon.  They can’t force it to happen, but it occurs several times a week.  Another of the family has healing abilities.  They practice Reiki, a form of energy transfer from the practitioner to the patient.  Their hands focus on certain points of the body to help clear and streamline the afflicted’s chakra or energy flow.  Two family members had the ability to just “know” things.  Like when one got into an accident the other saw it in their head and rushed to the hospital.  There were several states separating them, yet somehow they knew.  Still, another has the ability to talk to the “other side.”  This includes the dead, angels and demons. They can see images of the beings in their head, feel what their feeling, and carry on entire conversations with them.  The modern term for this type of psychic is a “medium.”  Another ability is to be able to see one’s aura.  I understand that certain emotions have colors that one can emit.  This person could see how you were feeling from across the room by the color of your aura. 

  Some use tools in conjunction with their gifts.  Tarot cards can be used to look into your past and future.  Crystals can absorb negative energy.  And strobe lights help one to see those on the other side.  So, when writing about psychics in a fictional way you can take a page from those in real life and expand on them.  I’m sure there’s other abilities out there that I’ve missed.  So take one of these and let your imagination run wild; put a twist on them or give your character more than one ability. 

 Happy writing everyone!


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F.O.F. is Stalking Me

   At first everyone believes their manuscript is awesome.  We all believe our work is destined for greatness.  Of course that big-name agent and publisher will want you.  And they’ll shower you with money, convinced that you’re the next “big thing.”  But then, there are those of us who have gotten past that initial phase.  We have been brought back down to reality by the weight of all the rejections hanging on our wall (or filling our email box).  This is when F. O. F. can set in.  I am ashamed to admit I have caught this terrible condition.

F. O. F.  Otherwise known as Fear Of Failure.  Here are some trademark behaviors you might experience if you have this terrible condition:

Second guessing yourself

Constantly asking your friend- “So you liked it?  You really liked it?  I thought this part was boring, but you really think it’s okay?”  This is where you’re trying to build up your self-esteem.

If you are pushing procrastination to it’s limit.

Re-reading your query/synopsis/ manuscript again for the 100th time, even though many friends have already helped edit and say its great.

Fear of the button.  The left-click button that is hovering over “send.”  You’ve come this far, but it would still be easier to turn off the computer right now than get another rejection.

 I thought I had grown past F.O.F.  I thought all my previous rejections had given me that diamond-tough skin all authors need to make it in the publishing business.  But I was wrong.  Fear Of Failure is still there, trying to hold me back.  So what helps me thorough it?  My writing groups.  If you don’t belong to one then find one, or get some friends together.  Set goals and take them seriously.  When I start second-guessing myself they lift me up.  When I start asking them if my manuscript’s really okay they say “Yes, you idiot.  Get it out there, you’re wasting time!”  And then, when the rejections start rolling in, have a contest.  See who can get the most. The loser buys ice cream for everybody, or something. 

    The important thing for someone suffering from F.O.F. to do is to try.  If you don’t try, yes, you won’t get any rejections.  But you won’t get any acceptances either.  What if you lost that dream just because you didn’t push “send?”  I just refuse to be that weak, and I hope all you other F.O.F. sufferers will stand up to this condition and say “No more!”   Okay, maybe I’m being a little melodramatic.  But you get my point.


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